Look*Book 177

hanbok hanbok2

Outfit Detail~
Skin~VCO Skin _ chichi
Hair w/ ribbon~. Sweet Thing. Catherine Hair  @Kings & Queens Fair
Dress~B.C.C Lovely Camellia  Hanbok Dress  Red Roses XXS@The Arcade Sept.
Flowers in hair~B.C.C Lovely Camellia Hair Accessories Red@The Arcade Sept.
Lamp~B.C.C Lovely Camellia Oriental hand lamp B@The Arcade Sept.
Pose 1~Sari-Sari – fp-a1
Pose 2~Kirin – My Cute Pinwheel Pose 3

oyasumi / japanese house / RARE@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / japanese table@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / kendama / tipped@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / simple stool@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / fan@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / mailbox / light@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / matcha tray@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / paper lantern@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / tea pot & cup@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / television@The Arcade Sept.
oyasumi / zabuton / blue@The Arcade Sept.
junk. memory collector. RARE@The Arcade Sept.
junk. half man(nequin).@The Arcade Sept.
7 – Tossed Dice (boxed)@The Arcade Sept.
7 – Chinese Checkers Table @The Arcade Sept.
7 – Radio 1965A  RARE@The Arcade Sept.
Zigana . rag rug . cajun@The Arcade Sept.

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