Look*Book 172 MishMish @ The Arcade September

fortune fortune2 fortune3

Can’t believe it’s time for another round of The Arcade! Always amazing items at this event! MishMish will be selling these adorable items: The Fortune Teller Collection! She made each zodiac sign with a cutie little figurine for all! Good Luck to all in the gacha game The Arcade! Hope you get many rare ones🙂

The Arcade Gacha Event open Sept. 1st!!

Outfit Detail~
Hair~Exile::Perfect Promise Light Browns
Skin~(*ANGELICA) IRINA(freckle) :cream:
Headband~(Yummy) Oracle Head Chain@C88
Dress~.Atomic. {Aphrodite Dress} @C88
*MishMish* Puppy Fortune Teller to hug – RARE@The Arcade September Round

Deco Items~
Tent, Chairs, Table, Candle & Lights set on marketplace
Sign~ [LJ] Port Town Sign – Palmistry @The Fantasy Gacha

*MishMish* Aquarius @The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Aries@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Cancer@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Capricorn@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Gemini@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Leo@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Libra@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Pisces@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Sagittarius@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Scorpio@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Taurus@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Virgo@The Arcade September Round
*MishMish* Zodiac Display – RARE copy@The Arcade September Round
{vespertine- old wooden fence/browns}

*MishMish* Puppy Fortune Teller Machine – RARE@The Arcade September Round

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