Look*Book 146


Outfit Detail-
skin~VCO Skin _MIMI_ <Pure> RARE.1
Dress~=Zenith= Bohemian Summer (Milk) @C88 July
Bag~=Zenith=Sheep Head Bag – @The Seasons Story!
Pose~ Imeka

Decor Items~
Oh La La – Bunny Chair pink @TCF
:CP: Whitby Pergola @The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 04. Our Secret Hideout – Meadow Tree@The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 18. Our Secret Hideout – Secret Diary@The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 16. Our Secret Hideout – Arts ‘n’ Crafts@The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 15. Our Secret Hideout – Magic Box@The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 14. Our Secret Hideout – Little Sketchbook@The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 08. Our Secret Hideout – Butterly Light@The Seasons Story!
8f8 – 19. Our Secret Hideout – Precious Thoughts@The Seasons Story!
Sari-Sari – Summer Porch Chairs@The Seasons Story!
Sari-Sari – Summer Porch Tables@The Seasons Story!
[ keke ] summer tray w flowers – red@The Seasons Story!
*ionic* Obe@The Seasons Story!
*ionic* Boho banner @TCF
:CP: Whitby Decor@The Seasons Story!
:CP: Whitby Preserves@The Seasons Story!
junk. fresh milk sign.@The Seasons Story!
/ t r a u m /   Vintage Milk Bottle @TCF

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