Look*Book 144

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.46.09 AMHello! Season Story Open today! So exciting❤ event is open July 10 ~ July 31 !!
I just want to give a big THANK YOU!<3 to all the designers, event owners & sponsors!!!

paint2 paint1



Skin~ .la petite morte. ellen t1 @The Seasons Story!
Hair~ [monso] My Hair – Kate/ Brown @The Seasons Story!
Outfit~Mikunch- Skinny salopette (girl XXS) @The Seasons Story!
Shoe~FLite. Malibu Lows Olive @The Seasons Story!
Bag~VCO – Art eco Bag _ color2 @The Seasons Story!
Glasses~.tsg. Mirai Glasses – Brown
Eye~ [UMEBOSHI] Natsu eyes -Browns- @The Seasons Story!

/ XIAJ / Sunday Morning Skybox ULTRA RARE @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Rustic Painting Ladder RARE @The Seasons Story!
HIDEKI – Studio Light @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Mixed Media Table RARE @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Artificial Paint Tubes @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Pencil and Eraser Set @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Dox Paint Brushes @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Sir Paints-a-lot Palette @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Compressed Charcoal Boxes @The Seasons Story!
HIDEKI – Book Scales @TCF
/ XIAJ / Art Studio Easel (canvas on side) @The Seasons Story!
floorplan. waves rug @The Seasons Story!
HIDEKI – Scrap Parts Robot @TCF
junk. salvaged spring stool. @The Seasons Story!
/ XIAJ / Eva Bedroom Desk RARE @The Seasons Story!
floorplan. reference books @The Seasons Story!
:::LP::: Stack O’ Polaroids (7) @The Seasons Story!
:::LP::: Photo Album (8) @The Seasons Story!
HIDEKI – Suitcase Endtable @TCF
/ XIAJ / Sunday Morning Bed RARE @The Seasons Story!
*ionic* Music Speaks! @TCF
*ionic* My note lights @TCF
HIDEKI – 3 Pinsm @TCF
junk. pulley ceiling light. @The Seasons Story!
floorplan. wire basket @The Seasons Story!
ose~ Imeka

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