Look*Book 137


Hair & Starfish clip ~Clawtooth: Mermaidy Lady (Outrageous Pack) @C88
Skin~POTCHA. [F] SKIN :: ChiChi Skin gift (past TCF gift)
Bikini Top~Baiastice_Luli Bikini-stars @C88
Bathtub~PILOT – Bathtime [ Mermaid ] RARE @The Arcade
Sea Horse 1~The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Sheldon the Seahorse@The Arcade
Sea Horse 2~ The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Herald the Seahorse@The Arcade
Crab~The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Sebastian the Crab@The Arcade
Hermit Crab~ The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Bernie the Hermit Crab@The Arcade
Octopus~The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Paul the Octopus@The Arcade
Fairy 1~ !Ohmai: Gerbera Fairy [Companion]@The Arcade
Fairy 2~ !Ohmai: Tulip Fairy [Companion]@The Arcade
Drift Wood ~ +Half-Deer+ Drift With Me – Driftwood Seat [Pale] @C88

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