Look*Book97 (or adventure book)

I was invited to preview the new sim for Harry Potter role play. This sim looks fantastic so far, the detail is jaw dropping! They’ve done such a outstanding job with it. The new role play is called Mischief Managed, a continuation of Hogwarts: Your Story (H:YS) in terms of plot and storyline. More info below!


Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hogwartsmischiefmanaged

Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/mischiefmanaged

Timeline of Events Planned:
-Public OOC Preview on the 6th July (Friday) 9PM SLT — 13th July (Friday) 9PM SLT .
(During this week of OOC Preview, there will be no role playing)
-July 13th: (open the sim to Roleplay for current students of Hogwarts)
-August 1st: (first semester in Mischief Managed begins)

-ALO Department: In charge of applications to the role play
Admin: Natalee Oodles

naminaeko Resident
Celeste Forwzy
Satine Sabra
Kyla Fraenkel
Lhirya Resident


-RPD Department: In charge of plots and events In-character. Plot submissions goes to them as well.
Admin: Grindroid Resident, Stanislasus Resident

AislynnAstoria Resident
eviedrake resident
albus apfelbaum
dorian madeye


-Moderator Department: In charge of OOC violation of rules, complains on the sim etc.
Admin: Elidon Byron

AnnabelleShouts Resident
Bree Vinaver
Marina Tiepolo
Victoria Ovis


-Public Relations Department: In charge of Diagon Rentals, Public Viewing of sim & Public events.
Admin: Anya Ohmai, Vespa Windlow

Ruby Niekerk
Star Summerwind
Alumnia Resident

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