Hello! Sorry I took a 2 ish week break! I was sick with a flu for almost a week and a half and then flickr did some stupid thing and deactivated my account for a week….. T___T

left to right:


Skin~.::Mother Goose’s::. ArieL(A)1teeth
Hair~ ::Exile:: Bring it On!:Fawn
Shirt~!1mm***  chou tunic
Vest~ !1mm***  knit chokki yellow
Shorts~ ::BB::Baily Utility Mesh Shorts (DENIM)
Socks~~plank couture~ Gentle white socks (aeon.perian)
Boots~Leverocci – Range Boots_Chocolate
Bag~**JPK Native Tribal Back Pack (Type-1)
Duck on head~ [hako]old amigurumi duck gentleman2
Mouth~ (-A-) Pocky Sticks https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/A-Pocky-Sticks/1987903


Skin~.::Mother Goose’s::. Barbara(A)1teeth
Hair~ TuTy’s  MATHILDA FLEXI BOB – Black
Blouse~::{u.f.o}::count on me – brown collabo88 item
Skirt~ !1mm***  sweet Bohemian  long skirt dot
Shoes~ ~Ss~ CstrapClogs/ White (creator: sakka Flow) at C.D.T 1st anniversary 
Hat~Leverocci – SS12 Field Hat_Synthetic Tweed_Cream
BAg~(TokiD) peace satchel (native)
Necklace~[ glow ] studio – 4 minutes necklace (gold)
Cat~BP* Drowsy Witch’s cat/rabbit part of hunt, drowsy sim close end of march T_TTTT


Skin~.::Mother Goose’s::.YUri III(A)1teeth
Hair~ TuTy’s SHOCK Electric flexi bob – Black
Shirt~ part of ::{u.f.o}:: come closer  collabo88 item
Vest~*Crazy* Leather Vest Pack
Shorts~ part of Iren – USA playlist outfit
Belt~Tee*fy Vintage Foxy Tail Belt
Necklace~(Yummy) Agate Slice Necklace
Guitar ~ ::{u.f.o}::vanila accoustic – owl
Headband~ : ) BCC. Daisy Hair Scarf Brown
Shoes~ ::BB:: Gomu Sandals w/mesh Feet fatpack

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