new new from MARIKO!❤ I been testing this skin for marie and I couldn’t wait for the finished ones to come out! what a cute faise🙂
this skin also comes in a mid-light tone, with a bunch of very cute make-ups!

taxi to MARIKO 

hair: [OH] ::::(o_x)::::Oh my darling (store closed)
skin: <MARIKO> Taeyeon_M01

hair: [OH] ::::(o_x)::::Oh my darling (store closed)
skin: <MARIKO> Taeyeon_L01

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2 thoughts on “Look*Book78

  1. You have the cutestfaiseeenomnomieatchooooo😄 <333
    Btw just noticed you have me in there to the right under blogroll… Never seen anyone take the time to link to flickr as a "blog" before, and I am soooo excited and honored, this is so nice of you, yay!!

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