Look*Book 185

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a bit of halloween fun! :D

Make sure to check out TAG! Gacha before it ends tonight 12 am SLT!
Also The Seasons Story ends same time as well! Gogogo before they close!


Skin~Enfant—Molly’s Halloween.Rare1_W2 @KUSTOM9 OCT
Dress~*Tentacio* Clara witch dress XS black for TAG! Gacha
Hat~*Tentacio* Clara witch hat RARE TAG! Gacha
Broom~*Tentacio* Clara witch broom TAG! Gacha
Legging~(NO) Ripped Up Stockings – Opaque (Leg) @C88 OCT
Shoes~Noodles – Prudence Pumps Black @C88 OCT
Kitty~.tsg. Persian Kitten – Orange TAG! Gacha
Necklace~(Yummy) Tiny Skull Necklace – Black @C88 OCT
Eyes~(*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #sea @The Gacha Mania
Pose~oOo Studio: Broomhilda

Hair~+Spellbound+ Velvet // Vanilla Ombre & Bow TAG! Gacha
SkiN~*(OO)*YUKI_Yuki Brown Eyebrow @The Seasons Story
Lip~*(OO)*YUKI_Yuki Lip 09 @The Seasons Story
Outfit~Tee*fy Fun Food Costume Cupcake Rare TAG! Gacha
Socks~[okkbye] Scallop Socks – Lilac  @The Seasons Story
Shoes~[8]The Secret Store – Juicy Spooky Heels – Purple Unicorn TAG! Gacha
Eyes~(*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #violet @The Gacha Mania

Hair~+Spellbound+ Suspiria – Large // Natural Ombres & Dips
Skin~flounce – Amelia – Witchy – Gacha Mania 11 @The Gacha Mania
Lip~[Buzz] Cara Lip – Dark Plum {Big] @The Seasons Story
Dress~.tsg. Ghoulie Dress – Pumpkin XXS-XS @KUSTOM9 OCT
Legging~”JIM” – Eye See You Stockings @Havenhallow Event
Shoes~Ingenue :: Grady Heels  @C88 OCT
Glasses~+Half-Deer+ Bat Wing Glasses – Black
Bat~+Half-Deer+ Hearthugger Bat – Shadow TAG! Gacha
Baseball Bat~[BUC] “Baseball Bat & Nails” Melee Madness @The Gacha Mania
Ghost~Birdy – Treat Pals – Boo (Static hold) TAG! Gacha
Eyes~(*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #sea @The Gacha Mania
Pose~{Imeka}Lulu-Pose 3  @KUSTOM9 OCT

*MishMish* Scawy Monster – Frankie TAG! Gacha
*MishMish* Scawy Monster – Skelly TAG! Gacha
.Atomic. {Companion} Balloon Buddy – Pink@The Seasons Story

Look*Book 184 (*ANGELICA) New things & more :)

test23423Hello! Here is all sorts of new from (*ANGELICA) & others~!

Skin~(*ANGELICA) KANON :honeypink: beige brow : VIP GIFT PACK (Oct 2014)
Hair~+elua+ Vickie@The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)
Clothing~B.C.C Emily Romantic Corset Dress @The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)
Eyes~(*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #meadow @The Gacha Mania
Lip~(*ANGELICA) MELLOW LIPSTICK #plum (t) (light) @The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)
Ears~+Half-Deer+ Pointy Fluffy Ears – Chocolate @The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)
Pose~(*ANGELICA) POPTEEN #4 @The Showroom

Skin~(*ANGELICA) KANON :honeypink: beige brow VIP GIFT PACK (Oct 2014)
Hair~[Due] Twilght @The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)
Lip~(*ANGELICA) MOIST LIP LAQUER #tomato (light) @The Cosmetic Fair (halloween edition)
Hoodie~REDGRAVE – Heart Hoodie Brown @The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)
Ears~+Half-Deer+ Pointy Fluffy Ears – Foxy @The Seasons Story (TSS ends oct 31)

Look*Book 183

fallish1 fallish2

Hey guys! If you haven’t already, you must go check out The Seasons Story! It will be closing on October 31’st so be sure  to get in there and get all these cute autumn themed items! They always do such a great job at this event !

On Skyee~
Skin~[the Skinnery] Hazel – Pumpkin (honey) @The Seasons Story
Hair~+elua+ Wilma A_Browns @The Seasons Story
Top~Mikunch     lame-sweater with antique blouse(short) @The Seasons Story
Skirt~Mikunch     mimore skirt @The Seasons Story
Socks + Boots~) Mikunch     classic pan boots & knee socks @The Seasons Story
Bag~=Zenith=Saladbag (Colour Knitting) @The Seasons Story
Eyes~[UMEBOSHI] Nympth eyes -Black- @The Seasons Story
Pose~ Kirin Poses – Autumn Leaves 2 / Pose 1 @The Seasons Story

On Him~
:::B:::shirt-gara/white@The Seasons Story
:::B:::autumn/pants(brown)@The Seasons Story
:::B:::suspenders @The Seasons Story
Backpack~::GB::Backpack Bear Gentlemen @The Seasons Story

Birdy – Veggie Pals – Sassy Celery from @The Chapter Four oct
Birdy – Veggie Pals – Peppy  Punkin from @The Chapter Four oct
Dyer Maker Poses & Props Fall Dry Leaves Pile (Common)
A.D.D.Andel! Pumpkin Cluster-Mesh @The Seasons Story
A.D.D.Andel! Pumpkin-Mesh-Large @The Seasons Story
A.D.D.Andel! Hay Bale @The Seasons Story
A.D.D.Andel! Hay Bale Stack @The Seasons Story
*ionic* Hugging on bed (Mice) RARE @The Seasons Story
*ionic* Excalibur <3 (Mice) @The Seasons Story
*ionic* My bird friend (Mice) @The Seasons Story
*ionic* Mommy (Mice) @The Seasons Story
*ionic* Love and Cheese (Mices) @The Seasons Story
*ionic* Dancing in the rain! (Mice) @The Seasons Story
*ionic* Timmy (Mice) @The Seasons Story
oyasumi / wooden cart @The Seasons Story
floorplan. apple crate stack seat @The Seasons Story
HIDEKI  – Ferris Wheel Decor from @The Chapter Four oct
Sari-Sari – Gluehwein (linked 16 li) @The Seasons Story
~silentsparrow~ Leafy Bird – Autumn – Huh?@The Seasons Story
~silentsparrow~ Leafy Bird – Autumn – Muted – Sitting@The Seasons Story
~silentsparrow~ Leafy Bird – Autumn – Standing @The Seasons Story
:CP: Doublers Mushie @The Seasons Story
:CP: Doublers Pumpkins @The Seasons Story
*ionic* – Alpaca (ella) – from @The Chapter Four oct
:CP: Doublers Lantern Ladder @The Seasons Story
(tree with mattress) [ keke ] still falling autumn tree @The Seasons Story
HIDEKI – Bear with Guitar from @The Chapter Four oct
oyasumi / curly chair @The Seasons Story
<HEART HOMES> “Hanukkah” Side table @The Seasons Story
Apple on the icecream poche.. @The Seasons Story
Apple of the forest poche  @The Seasons Story
Apple Tea poche @The Seasons Story
Apple Basket poche @The Seasons Story
Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [White] @The Seasons Story
:CP: Doublers Acorn Lamps @The Seasons Story

Look*Book 182

Hi Guys ! I know this is totally unlike me >.< but I was inspired by Uber event theme this month lol! Very sexy and awesome stuff at there!
uberpost1 uber3wip uber2wipOn Him:
Hair~[taketomi]_Kaito_blacks @TMD ( check out before closes at end of October!)
Ears~AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Pierced @TMD ( check out before closes at end of October!)
Shorts~[VALE KOER] FUTURE SHORTS BLACK @TMD ( check out before closes at end of October!)
Tattoo~*Bolson / Tattoo – Mr. Kenway @TMD ( check out before closes at end of October!)

On Me~
Hair~ + Lamb. Margaux – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric
Skin~[PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2
Top~[monso] My Off Shoulder Shirt- White @Uber October

Kalopsia – Armchair Black (ADULT) @Uber October
(epia) – Toys Chest  @Uber October
Sway’s [Neal] Box of condom @Uber October
Sway’s [Neal] Bra @Uber October
Kalopsia – Rug @Uber October
Sway’s [Neal] Books @Uber October
Kalopsia – Spider Endtable @Uber October
Kalopsia – Fallen vase @Uber October
Kalopsia – Burned Letters @Uber October
AF Pocket Watch
AF Teacup Pearls RARE
AF Teacup Rose

Skybox is unavailable, very very old item- sorry!

Look*Book 181


Hello! Here is my massive Candy Fair part 2 post :3 Oct 17 they will close! so be sure to hurry and go check out all these cute things ! They are exclusive! candyfair1

Left to Right detail (top photo)~

Skin~[Chickadee] Sera Skin – Event Fatpack – RARE Sera – Porcelain – LB – C -
Hair~.Atomic. {Hair} Macaroon @Candy Fair 2014
Top~.{yumyums}. {Orange} Frosting Crop Top@Candy Fair 2014
Skirt~*Tentacio* cotton candy skirt XXS blue@Candy Fair 2014
Shoes~*BOOM* Teganna Heels (lt) tiffany @The Seasons Story October
Guitar~.{yumyums}. {Everything Nice} Sweet Tunes Guitar@Candy Fair 2014
Bag~Pink Acid Soft Candy Change Clutch/Coin Purse – Chocolate RARE@Candy Fair 2014
Make Up~ (*ANGELICA) CANDY MAKE UP_STAR #pink (dark)@Candy Fair 2014
Eyes~[UMEBOSHI] Dolly eyes -Dark blue-@The Seasons Story October
Necklace~PIDIDDLE – Petit Gateau Necklace – Strawberry@Candy Fair 2014
Hair~pr!tty – Lollipop – @Candy Fair 2014
Skin~*(OO)*YUKI_Tipa RARE Skin 04 @The Chapter Four
Top~*Epic* One Scoop Ruffled Top {Cake} [XS] @Candy Fair 2014
Bottom~*Epic* Waffle Cone Skirt [XS] @Candy Fair 2014
Shoe~*Epic* Ice Cream Dorothy Gales {Bubblegum} [R] RS @Candy Fair 2014
Headband~Pink Acid Soft Candy Frosting Headband – Chocolate @Candy Fair 2014
Umbrella~{Mephy~ pink choco} umbrella .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. @Candy Fair 2014
Eyes~[UMEBOSHI] Dolly eyes -Taro-@The Seasons Story October
Hand~[RI] Yummies (Cotton Candy-Pink) @Candy Fair 2014
Mouse~mouse loves sweets RARE & kite mouse RARE @Candy Fair 2014
Ring~.tsg. Ice Cream Scoop Ring – Strawberry @Candy Fair 2014
Skin~[PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> – Pure (blondebrow)
Hair~[LCKY] Zammie @Candy Fair 2014
Shirt~:Moon Amore: Simple Shirt (Kuki Edition) – (Small) @Candy Fair 2014
Romper~:Moon Amore: Kuki Romper @Candy Fair 2014
Shoe~Eudora 3D Candy Hi-Tops Right Blue A @Candy Fair 2014
Bag~:Moon Amore: Sugum – Simple Bag! @Candy Fair 2014
Cell~[RI] AlpaCandy Celly (Pink) @Candy Fair 2014
Glasses~{Chobii~ pink} glasses .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. RARE @Candy Fair 2014
Eye~[UMEBOSHI] Dolly eyes -Taro- @The Seasons Story October
Make Up~(*ANGELICA) CANDY MAKE UP_HEART #purple (light) @Candy Fair 2014
Lip~(*ANGELICA) MingMing LIPSTICK #pink (t) (light) @Candy Fair 2014
Ring~Lark – Ice Cream Ring – Rainbow – RARE @Candy Fair 2014
Knee~{Sugar Heart} Knee Blush ~ Swirls (U)
Skin~(*ANGELICA) MingMing :cream: bd brow Candy Fair 2014
Hair~[taketomi]_Kokoa Sweet Princess RARE
Candy~*BOOM* Candy Crusher Cotton Candy Candy Fair 2014
Dress~.tsg. Lil’ Lace – White XXS-S Candy Fair 2014
Shoes~Sweet Thing. Pink & White Sweetheart Booties w/ Berry – L Candy Fair 2014
Necklace~.tsg. Sweetheart Necklace – Pink Candy Fair 2014
Stocking~[LF]Lovely Socks White

[LJ] Sugar Friend – Lolli Pops Candy Fair 2014
[LJ] Sugar Friend – Pinky Cotton Candy Fair 2014

Purple Poses * Guitar  Poses
{Imeka}Lulu-Pose 7 @The Seasons Story
Kirin – Rinka Pose 1
Kirin – Rinka Pose 4


Nail from left to right:
Candy Fair 2014
Bella Elephante – Cotton Candy Slink Fingernails HUD
Candy Fair 2014
Candy Fair 2014


Look*Book 180

candyshop2 candyshop

Candy Fair :D! SO many cute items here. Kawaii heaven huh  *3* please visit here and play the gacha garden and buy some cutie things! you wont regret it!

Deco Detail~
The Hive. Candy Shoppe Table – Powder Blue @Candy Fair 2014
The Hive. Candy Shoppe Banner – Powder Blue @Candy Fair 2014
Sari-Sari – Candy Bar – Candy Bar Sign @Candy Fair 2014
The Hive. Candy Shoppe Candy Blocks @Candy Fair 2014
Sari-Sari – Candy Bar – Candy Bags and Scoops @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. peppermint sticks @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. jelly beans @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. candy wands – pink @Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 02 – Sweet fruity lolly pops @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. candy jar – medium @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. lollipops – orange @Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 07 – Soft citrus jelly candies @Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 08 – Wild cherry hard candies @Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 03 – Lolly swirl candies @Candy Fair 2014
Sari-Sari – Candy Bar – Chewy Candy Scoop @Candy Fair 2014
Sari-Sari – Candy Bar – Candy Hearts @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. candy jar – small @Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 04 – Pink cotton candy @Candy Fair 2014
tarte. lollipops – yellow @Candy Fair 2014
8f8 – Mange Destin 01 – Candy canes @Candy Fair 2014
The Hive. Candy Shoppe Goodie Bags @Candy Fair 2014
uild~tarte. sweet shoppe @Candy Fair 2014

Outfit Detail~
Skin~ POTCHA. [F] NENE SKIN & HAIR BASE @Kustom9 Sept
Hair~TRUTH HAIR Aviva 2
Outfit~/// offbeat /// hello to my sweetie (4) @Kustom9 Sept
Carrier~ .{yumyums}. Sweet Sally Candy Carrier RARE @Candy Fair 2014
Hat~ .{yumyums}. Betty BonBon Hat {Vanilla} @Candy Fair 2014
Marshmallow & Pose ~ Kirin – My Sweet Marshmallow Pose 5 / Wear me! @Candy Fair 2014
Mouth~Kirin – Marshmellow mouth optional / Original @Candy Fair 2014

lol i sang this song too often while blogging this xD

Look*Book 179

hi guys! A very late Collabor88 Sept. post! Please go check out C88 before it closes tonight on Oct 6!80s1 80s2 80s4 80s3

Top to Bottom:

Look 1~
Skin~ -Glam Affair – Skye II - Artic 03 F (From The Arcade Sept)
Hair~ Lamb. Stacy – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric@C88 Sep
Top~The Secret Store – Lola Cropped Sweater – Mint Flamingos – XXS@C88 Sep
Skirt~The Secret Store – Annette Peplum Skirt – Mint Flamingos – XXS@C88 Sep
Shoes~Ingenue :: Sheila Heels :: @C88 Sep
Fannypack~ Intrigue Co. – Fanny Pack: Flamingos
Ear Rings~Intrigue Co. – Paper Clip Earrings@C88 Sep
Gum~ LaGyo_Bubble gum – Strawberry@C88 Sep
ose~Kirin – Asuka Pose 5 @Kustom9 Sep

flowey x Teawood: Pizz Miami Sofa / flamingo@C88 Sep
floorplan. transistor radio / sage @Kustom9 sept
HIDEKI – Geometry Rug@C88 Sep
flowey x Teawood: Kat Coffee Table / peachy #1@C88 Sep
Lark – Kelly Loves Zack – 1@C88 Sep
floorplan. frankenziggy poster@C88 Sep
The Loft – Neon Sign Flamingo@C88 Sep
floorplan. motel miami / pink@C88 Sep
HIDEKI – Electro Chair -green-@C88 Sep
flowey x Teawood: Aime’s Love Nest Neon Sign / flickery@C88 Sep
Build~Intrigue Co. – Miami Electric Motel Room: 345 @C88 Sep

Look 2~
Skin~.Atomic. Skin {RainbowBrite} Porceain – Brown Brow @Creation.jpg
Hair~[LeLutka]-CADENCE hair/Light Brunette@C88 Sep
Top~Tee*fy Tiffany Bodysuit PaintedLeopard@C88 Sep
Skirt~Tee*fy Katharine Skirt Purple@C88 Sep
Legging~ Schadenfreude Purple Miami Fishnet Leggings@C88 Sep
Bracelet~Intrigue Co. – 80s Accessories Set@C88 Sep
Ear Ring~*BOOM* Miami Drop Earrings Set@C88 Sep
Necklace~LaGyo_Morgan bubble gum Strawberry@C88 Sep
Holding~ *MishMish* Fuzzball Bear (hold) – Electric Teal@C88 Sep
Skates~Lolita – Vintage Roller Skates
Pose~ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sugar-Heart-Roller-Girl-10-Static-Model-Poses/4943415